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One of our Customers, Larry Davidson, just took both of his wagons on a 3,000 mile trip!! Here are a few of the photos from his trip!


img_1290 img_1291 img_1292 img_1293 img_1294 img_1295



Here we have another barn find, 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury! This one comes to us from Garland Texas, originally coming from the dry state of California. This car has literally sat for 25 years accumulating only 46,000 original miles on the commando 361 engine and pushbutton automatic transmission. We recently took this car in not operable, drained, removed, replaced fuel tank, sending unit. We overhauled the braking system, tuned the engine, got it running and driving. A cosmetic restoration will take place later, for now this car is road ready again!!

img_1202 img_1203 img_1204 img_1205 img_1206 img_1207 img_1338 img_1339 img_1341 img_1342 img_1347


1964 Ford Thunderbird convertible belonging to Phil Moore, came in to our shop as the winner of the Classic Auto Air System that we gave away in the drawing held at our last car show on Saturday May 5. This car is in awesome condition with it’s deep black exterior color, black interior and the tonneau cover package that turns this 4 seat Thunderbird into a 2 seat roadster. Equipped with the 390 Thunderbird engine and automatic transmission, wire spoke wheels, with the addition of the new a/c heating system that we are preparing to install, Phil will be riding in style and comfortably cool during the brutal hot Texas summer!! Congratulations Phil!!!

img_1382 img_1383 img_1384 img_1385 img_1386 img_1387



1967 Ford Mustang A/Sedan vintage race car in the shop to get repaired after an engine failure at the last race, and to have a complete nut/bolt race prep check.